Cover image of Zachary Dillon's novel “I Hear You Watching,” showing an illustration of the facade of a two-story Los Angeles apartment building in blue nighttime light and only one window lit from within.

My Debut Novel!

This is the most exciting/terrifying moment of my life, matched only by the birth of my son last year.

There’s so much I could say about this book, but it’s best served cold. Here’s the description from the back cover:

Alex hears a voice out his window…

He believes it’s his neighbors spying on him. Harassing him.

He struggles to catch them, but they burrow deeper under his skin until he’s convinced his tormentors are controlling him from within.

Alex has no idea how right he is.

Based on the author’s personal experience with auditory hallucinations, I Hear You Watching is a relentlessly interior psychological suspense novel about the abyss gazing back.

It’s my most vulnerable writing. It’s grotesque and beautiful, horrifying and hilarious—sometimes all at once.

Read it on Kindle Unlimited, or purchase the ebook or paperback!

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