The author Zachary Dillon reclines on a green couch in a living room, reading an e-reader. There is a dark, stripey cat sitting on him and staring at the camera.

So, What Is This?

I launched this site in June of 2021 and wrote a story every week for the rest of the year. Then I commissioned artists I know and love to illustrate those stories, and collected it all in a book called People With Problems, available for purchase here!

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This do-it-ourselves book project was inspired by filmmaker Mark Duplass’s SXSW keynote speech, “The Cavalry Isn’t Coming.” If you’re a creative in any field, it’s an enlightening and empowering watch.

Four of the flash stories were written for the 2021 NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Challenge, in which I won 2nd place.

My first novel, I Hear You Watching, is based on my personal experience with hearing voices and paranoia. It’s available for purchase here!

I have a B.A. In English (Creative Writing) from the University of Southern California, where I studied under Marianne Wiggins and T.C. Boyle.

Where human feet have never trod
Where human eyes have never seen
I’ll build a world of abstract dreams
And wait for you

– Sun Ra